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Career Outlook

medical managers meetingIn 2013, regulatory affairs manager made the CNNMoney list of best jobs in America, ranking because of its combination of job demand, job satisfaction and excellent pay. According to CNNMoney, demand for regulatory affairs managers is expected to grow by 7.9 percent between 2010 and 2020, and the median salary for this position was $97,000, with top earners making $139,000.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Career opportunities in the biomedical regulatory affairs field range from entry level to upper management and from highly technical to business oriented. Regulatory affairs professionals are involved in all aspects of the product life cycle, including areas such as:

  • ensuring compliance with FDA or international regulations
  • planning and supervising clinical trials
  • specifying product labeling and packaging requirements

Where Alumni Are Now

Program alumni are employed in regulatory affairs positions at a variety of companies and organizations. Below are some examples of where our alumni work today: